R&L Fire and Security has been notified by our monitoring provider that you may be affected by recent changes in all 2G alarm systems coverage. Companies are no longer required to maintain the 2G cellular network. As the services move from 2G, 3G, and now 4G speed many providers will no longer be “harvesting” the 2G speed. AT&T announced there 2G Sunset to provide more customers the 4G speed.

Most of the cellular communicators that we installed in the past work on AT&T’s 2G network. It has just been with in the last six months that there have been affordable  communicators that works on the Vorizon network. With the addition of Vorizon cellular communicators we are able to increase coverage for cellular alarm communications.

As of January 1 many devices will no longer be reporting to USM due to ATT&T’s 2G Sunset. If these devices had an internet monitoring component, then that portion of the device should still be able to send alarm signals to the central station There is no precise way to know exactly which devices will work and which ones will be totally offline or exactly when they will cease reporting, so to insure alarm, so to ensure alarm communications from customers for the longest possible time we will be leaving these accounts active in the USM monitoring software and continue monitoring the account even if it is no longer reporting to the central station. Billing for 2G subscribers will continue monitoring until R&L Fire and Security receives a cancellation request.
US Monitoring Inc. December 13, 2016

We apologize for the inconvenience but this is beyond our control. To upgrade your system and insure continued communication we have a few options in the equipment. Installation will include standard service charges. We can begin installation at your request in January.

Mini 0146 Cell Radio



Please contact us to discuss options and possibly schedule a time to upgrade your system to prevent a disruption in your service. We appreciate you and your continued business. Wishing you a successful 2017!