Door Hardware

Door Handle Deadbolt Mag Lock Electronic Strike
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Door handle’s and doorknobs are the most basic and the first line of securing your home or business. They come in a wide variety of styles and functions to give you the amount of security that you need. A deadbolt is a great way to add security to any door. They are usually much harder to pick or “bump” open. Mag locks are used for doors that does not have locking hardware required for electronic strike hardware. All mag locks are a fail safe type locks. Electronic strikes use the existing locking hardware on your door. It replaces the latch in the door frame to allow the door to open or close. These locks can be fail safe or fail secure.

Access Control Systems

Door Keypad “This door handle is a stand alone replacement for your existing doorknob. You can conveniently program multiple codes for multiple users and has a key lock just in case the keypad fails. These knobs come as a self contained unit, powered up by 4 AA batteries” Spec Sheet
IEI Keypads IEI The IEI 212 keypad is a fully functional stand alone one door access control system. Out of the box it has the capacity of 120 user codes. It comes with one form c relay to switch power to locks and one input for request to exit control if needed. Spec Sheet
eMerge Linear_emerge Liners’ eMerge system is an easy to use but powerful system to control doors. Out of the box the system can operate 1 door and 2 readers but is expandable to 4 doors and 8 readers with a license key. Multiple eMerge systems can be set up at one location to expand the system further. Spec Sheet
NetAXS123 netaxs4_pr Netaxs 123 is Honeywell’s newest access control panel series. The standard panel will operate 1 door with 2 readers and is expandable to 2 doors with 4 readers or 3 doors with 6 readers with optional equipment.This system can be controlled from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or through Honeywell’s WINPAK 4.0 software. Spec Sheet

R&L Door Lock Services

New Lock Instalation Door Lock Replacement Rekeying Services Key Duplication Services
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R&L Fire and Security has the ability to install new locks on your existing doors. We have the tools and experience to install doorknobs and deadbolts in doors that have never had them installed. Doorknobs and deadbolts can wear out over time. We have many options to replace your current locks with standard or electronic locks. Moving into a new home or business location? Re-keying your locks is a sure way to know that no one has entry to your location. We are currently tooled to re-key Quickset and Schlage locks. We keep trying to add services and equipment that our customer’s require. We have recently started key duplication for our customers. We can currently copy Quickset and Schlage keys.