When Chucks Bar first opened, they reused an analog camera system from one of there other locations. Live video was dark and grainy, recorded video was almost unusable. Over time the system was updated to a Wbox digital POE network digital video recorder with a combination of Wbox and Northern Video cameras. The upgrade increased video clairaty and resolution so much that they now can get recognizable video from over thirty feet away.

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Recorded Hi-Def Video and Social Networks

The pictures above are screen shots of the video from Chucks Bar. We cropped the pictures to just show the people that were in question. As you can clearly tell, One man decided to take home one of the bar stools. We received permission by the owner of Chuck’s Bar to post the pictures online including Facebook. We did just that. After a few hours we received over 10,000 post views and positive identification of the two people. The bar stool did get returned and no theft charges were filed.

Camera System

Digital video systems keep going down in price while the features keep increasing. Having a digital camera system keeps a second pair of eyes watching over your property. With current technology’s it has never been easier to install the system yourself to save money on installation. We offer a 4 camera self install system, the same system used at Chucks Bar.

System Includes

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