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Why Use R&L For Your Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

  • Factory trained and locally licensed inspectors
  • Up-to-date Kansas State Fire Marshal (Kansas State NFPA 72) approved fire alarm inspection reports
  • Industry standard methods to test all alarm initiating devices
  • Quick and reliable inspections
  • Smoke detector sensitivity testing on all makes and models
  • Travel to all parts of Kansas

What To Expect With A Fire Alarm Inspection With R&L

  • Time involved will depend on the size of your facility and security system
  • If the facility houses tenants, you are responsible for notifying them about the inspection 24 hours in advance.
  • We will put your system on “test” with the monitoring station so emergency personnel do not respond
  • Document and list all devices on your fire alarm system

What We test:

  • All flow valve and supervisory monitoring switches.
  • All methods of communications to the monitoring station
  • The voltage and check the age of the back-up batteries
  • All notification devices
  • All other devices connected to the system

Keep Your Building Up To Fire Code

Prior To Inspection

The following list is not needed for us to preform a fire alarm inspection but would speed up the inspection

  • Previous year’s fire alarm inspection
  • Monitoring station contact information and account number
  • List of all devices on your system
  • Maintenance records for your system

Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing – Upon Request

Sensativity Test

Do you need sensitivity testing of your smoke detectors?

NFPA 72 fire code states

  • Sensitivity shall be check within 1 year of system installation
  • Sensitivity shall be checked each alternate year there after unless otherwise permitted per other code
  • If after the second sensitivity test the detector has stayed within its listed range then the length of time between tests can be extended to a maximum of 5 years
  • If the frequency is extended records of nuisance alarms must be maintained
  • If zones show any increase of nuisance alarms over the previous year than sensitivity tests shall be preformed

In short yes. You do need to have smoke detector Sensitivity testing done on your alarm system. Some Kansas State Fire Marshall require sensitivity testing to be done yearly. This only applies to the Kansas State Fire Marshall, your Local Fire Marshall may have other requests. Some Kansas State Fire Marshall’s do not require sensitivity testing in some locations.