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Salina Alarm Permit Information

On January 1 2016 the city of Salina enacted a registration and permit program for all alarm systems. Alarm systems fall under two categories Burglar Alarm Systems and Fire Alarm Systems. All Burglar Alarm Systems are required to be registered. Only commercial Fire Alarm Systems are required to be registered, even if it is part of a Burglar Alarm System.The City of Salina has also enacted Enhanced Alarm Verification and a false alarm fee schedule.
Alarm registration, Enhanced Alarm Verification and False Alarm Fees are for the City Of Salina only. If your system is in Saline County and not in the city these ordinances does not apply.

Tips For Registering Your System

There are two ways do register your alarm system on line or by a paper form downloadable from the registration sight.

  • In the online registration, to validate your location, enter your building number and your street name with out the direction indications. Example 700 Ohio. When you press the Validate button there will be a pop up window with all the available addresses, click on the blue box with the “…” to choose your address.
  • In the online registration under the Type of Alarm and Alarm Company Information heading you will need to select the company that installed and maintains your alarm system. If you are a customer of R&L Fire and Security you will choose R&L Fire And Security LLC for both of these options.
  • Under the Date of Alarm System Installed section field, fill this out to the best of your ability. For alarm systems installed before January 1 2016 a best guess is ok.
  • On the paper registration if you are a customer of R&L Fire and Security, you put our information for both the installation company and the monitoring company.

Enhanced Alarm Verification

The City Of Salina has enacted Enhanced Alarm Verification (EAV) for all burglar alarm systems in the city. EAV requires alarm monitoring companies to call two phone numbers before dispatching the police for a burglar alarm. This does not apply to panic, holdup or fire alarm signals.