Phone Lines and Fire Alarms

One of the most common problems with fire alarm systems is the phone lines. They are just something that most building owners don’t realize. Phone lines get shut off to save money, the wiring gets damaged or new phone system gets installed and the alarm doesn’t get hooked up. These are problems that we deal with almost weekly. In addition in 2020 AT&T is shutting down the PSTN phone network. That is the system that has runs all of there analog telephone lines. Most other phone companies that still support analog phone lines also use AT&T’s PSTN network so it is unclear if those services will still work. Upgrade to a Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator to alleviate all of these problems.

Star Link Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator


  • Dual path cellular communicator replaces both phone lines to the fire alarm system
  • Verizon and AT&T options for best performance
  • Save up to $54 in phone lines per month
  • In 2020 AT&T will shut down there analog phone system, this communicator will make sure your system is still running
  • 99% Uptime
  • Cellular afordability

    Star Link Cellular Communicator

    Equipment Cost $250

    Installation Cost Varies

    Monitoring starts at $54.95 a month with 36 month contract

    Save money with fewer phone lines

    Be code compliant with 99% up time